Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Four wheels bad

My first visit to a big supermarket in three months was something of a rude shock. It was bad timing for such a visit – Easter Saturday, in the afternoon – and not all supermarkets are as bad as the Tesco's in Lewisham, but I'm more determined than ever to stick to going to local shops as much as I can.

Sometimes I'm going to a Tesco Express around the corner from me. It's pretty basic, but it's quite cheap and I can get meat I can trust from there on a Sunday evening, which I can't do any other way.

This is what I was doing last Sunday, driving home from a long day out. We stopped off at the Express, and found that there is very little car parking provision for the store. Two places directly outside, and that's all.

This might be laudable if it were part of a plan to encourage other forms of transport, but as Richard George noted in the Guardian last week, most bigger supermarkets are designed almost entirely around car drivers. This means that pedestrian shoppers usually have to walk through a car park to get to the store.

As for cyclists ... this is the provision at my local Sainsbury's!

Back in Brockley, I woudn't be surprised if people living close to the store are becoming a little miffed by the constant flow of cars stopping off outside their homes.

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max said...

Great Photo of Southwark's Sainsbury.

I live near a Sainsbury local that's part of a busy petrol station and I do resent that it's largely staffed with the drivers in mind rather than the locals, in spite of the name.

The main characteristic is that their stock is unreliable.

You get disproportionate offers of odd luxury items that I think either Sainsbury bought in excess or are about to expire and that probably have a better chance to be shifted from a sales point in a busy petrol station with shoppers that are mostly in a hurry than from a conventional shop.

In contrast some basics often disappear from the shelves and they don't reappear for days but it doesn't look like it's any major concern for the management.

Not much of a local really.